AAMA concerts - information for children

You have been invited to come to a concert of songs that have been written especially for children who have been adopted, fostered, or have to live with a family member instead of with their birth mum or dad. I really hope these songs will be fun to listen to, and maybe you'll even want to dance along, or join in with singing!

What is a concert?

concert is a special event where musicians and singers play (or sing) music for people to listen to. 

My name is Cat and this is a picture of me with my daughter. (She probably won't be at all the concerts but she might come to some of them!) I have made up all the songs and I will be the one who is singing them at the concert. Sometimes I play the piano as well, which I have only just started learning so I’ve had to practice a lot!

There will be other fun things to do while I'm singing, like dance along, or sometimes I might ask if you want to help me do something special in a song, like hold a cuddly toy. 

On the right is a picture of me doing a concert, helping a child to choose a toy from a bag during one of the songs.


This is Pete. Pete plays the guitar while I am singing the songs, and he sometimes does some singing too. I wonder how many different guitars Pete will bring with him to the concert?

Pete helped me to write some of the songs, and he has recorded them on to a CD for me so that you can listen to them at home. (You will have to ask your parents or carers if they will buy you a copy though!)

Here is a picture of me and Pete doing another concert. Pete is playing the guitar and I am singing.

When you come to see the concert, you might find the music is a little bit louder than normal - that is because I will be using a microphone to make my voice louder, so that everyone can hear me. If it's too loud you can tell me or Pete and we will turn it down. I will also be bringing some ear defenders which you can borrow for the concert if you want.

What happens at the concert?

When you come to see the concert you can either sit down to listen to the music, or you can stand up, dance around, or even go outside of the room and listen from there! All of that it totally fine, and I won't mind which one you choose. I am bringing two little tents which are just in case you want to listen to the songs but you are worried about other people seeing you - you can go and sit in the tent to listen if you’d like to. Pete and I will sing nine songs that we have made up, and we will ask if anyone wants to join in. Don't worry about not knowing the words, because I will either tell you what they are, or show you other ways that you can join in without knowing the words.

These are the songs we will be singing:

1. What a funny sandwich: A silly song about sandwiches. In this song I will ask some children to help me hold up some cuddly toys. I will be singing and playing the piano, and Pete will be playing the guitar.
2. Any finer thing: This is a song about different parts of your body and you can join in with the actions. Pete and I will both be singing, and there are no musical instruments at all in this one.
3. Bubbles: This is a song about blowing bubbles! After each verse everyone will get a turn at blowing a big bubble.
4. Hide and Seek: This is a song about hiding and all the fun things you can do when you have been found again! This song is quite loud, as Pete will be playing the electric guitar. I will be singing.
5. In my house: This is a song about how everyone’s family is a bit different. This is another loud song as Pete will be playing his electric guitar.
6. I will love you: This is a nice quiet song about a little girl who has big feelings, but her mummy still loves her. Pete will be playing the guitar, I will be playing the piano and singing.
7. Don’t worry Ted: This is a song about a teddy bear who is a bit frightened of going on holiday! You will get to meet our big teddy bear, and there will be some flags to wave for the different countries that Ted will visit. I will play the piano and sing, and Pete will play the bass guitar.
8. Jump: This is a fun song about moving around and jumping. I will be singing and Pete will show you the actions to do! We sing this song to a backing track, which means it’s a recording of the instruments, instead of us playing them then and there.

Do I have to join in?

No! If you don't want to join in you definitely don't have to. You can just listen, or you can read a book or do something else. The only rule is that if you are in the room you have to be quiet so that other people can listen to the music if they want to.

What happens after the concert?

After the singing is finished there will be a drink and a snack. If you want to have a look at our instruments like the guitar or keyboard it is OK to ask me or Pete and if we are not busy talking to people then we will help you - but please don't try to play these on your own.

After everyone has had a drink and done enough playing, we will say goodbye and you can go home, or go on somewhere else. Remember to take your grown ups home with you!

Now available to order:
AAMA CD - a 14 track CD of songs written especially for adoptive, foster, and special needs families.
AAMA the book - an accompanying book explaining the science behind the music, and how to turn these songs from a bit of silly fun to a useful tool for supporting your child’s communication and development

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